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Here are some warning signs that indicate you are in need of financial help. 

  • Do you have sleepless nights worrying about that credit card payment that is now a few days late?

  • You use credit card advances to make other credit card payments.

  •  You are at your limit on your credit cards and you are only making the minimum payments. 

  • Are you worried about repossession or foreclosure?

  • Have you depleted your savings account?

  • Things you used to buy with cash such as groceries and gas you are now using credit cards to pay for these things.

  • Are you making excuses to yourself and family members and telling yourself that next month is going to be better and you will catch up?

  •  Are you borrowing money from friends and family members to meet your monthly obligations?

  • Are you receiving collection calls at home and at work?


Yes, the bankruptcy laws have changed but bankruptcy is an available option for you and if you have answered the above statements and have been truthful with yourself then the next step is to make the decision to get back on track and start sleeping again.

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